Uplifting & Balancing Crystals for Autumn – By Daniel Neale

With Autumn Equinox having passed we now enter into one of my favourite times of the year. The evenings draw in, the leaves turn brown and begin to fall…

So with this in mind, I thought it appropriate to write a little article on some of my favourite crystals for the season.

Moss Agate

With its strong green patterning among the translucent chalcedony, Moss Agate is a perfect stone to help us balance out our energies – especially those of us that are sun-worshipers, who may find it harder to accept that summer has gone. It represents new beginnings, so it

is the perfect stone to use during a transformational time like the changing of the seasons. Moss agate helps us feel less sensitive and more objective. With strong links to Mother Earth and the woodland realms, it can aid in opening up to the world of Elves, Fairies, etc.


With its deep red to orange colour, this crystal brings us strength, courage and confidence, allowing us to link in to our creative centre to keep our plans, goals and ideas flowing during this slow period. It can feel as though we are holding the sun when carrying Carnelian and can boost our minds and raise our spirits until the sun is here again.


With its dendritic patterning like the trees with no leaves this stone can help us to realise we too may need to shed or lose something in order to keep on growing. Carrying this crystal will keep us connected to nature, making sure our own roots stay grounded and calms us in uncertain times. It can refresh your soul like a crisp autumn day.


Do you need to snuggle? Are you in need for a hug? Someone to hold your hand? Then Rhodonite is a stone for you. For some Autumn can be a lonely time, this stone can help to support you through this time of hardship. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hibernate. Just remember to keep on going and don’t give up!

Blue Apatite

A beautiful stone to connect your mind and throat together. Use Apatite to aid in controlling what you eat and to curb comfort eating. With it resonating with the mind, this stone will aid us to think of other things, bringing in a creative, imaginative mind rather than raiding the cupboards!


This stone helps to keep our energies positive. If you suffer from S.A.D then carrying this stone can give you a pick me up. Great for dispelling negative thoughts and bringing happy thoughts back to our minds. Reminding us that the seasons are a cycle, summer will be back again, but in the meantime have the sun in a stone.

So those are my favourite crystals to work with in Autumn.

Have you worked with them? What are your opinions? Have you any others you work with at this time of year?

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