The Angelic Keys to your Heart – By Ben Carver

The journey from the head to the heart can seem like a long one, a lifetime’s work indeed. Fortunately, there is able help at hand if we only knew how to ask for it.

This journey can be regarded as the essence of our spiritual evolution as we aim to move to a state of pure presence – something only the spiritual heart is capable of.

We have all been told about our guardian angel at some point, but they are not just a childhood comforter or simply here to protect us from physical harm. This angelic force is here to watch over the evolution of our soul, our spiritual heart. So, as we make the transition from fear, contraction and isolation towards love, expansion and connectedness, we can rest assured that our every step in this direction will be supported by our angel.

The journey of our soul is one of love, of overcoming our fears and limitations in order to open the heart, and these beings of divine light and love can naturally help us hugely in this direction when we remember to ask for their help. This is because the spiritual evolution of our soul must always be our conscious choice, an act of free will – they cannot intercede on our behalf without our request, or to any request which lies outside God’s plan for us – so do not start to feel like you have a powerful servant to fulfil all your whims, fancies and desires!

Just imagine the infinite patience of a being with the power to create and destroy entire worlds simply waiting for their assigned human to remember that they exist and to ask for their assistance! But should we expect them to respond in an instant when we have not even thought of them in several decades? Just like any relationship, this is a connection that needs to be nurtured and sustained, we need to meditate with them, pray to them, talk to them. So instead of only thinking of our angel when a sudden catastrophe wakes us from our slumber and discovering all too late that they are not so nearby, it is well worth cultivating a beautiful relationship with our angel, now.

As glorious beings of divine love, simply aiming to communicate with our angel will help us to connect with the eternal universal source of love, of which they are channels, and this huge energy will naturally help us overcome the challenges we face in love and awakening the spiritual heart. On a very practical level, asking our angel to communicate with the angel of a person we are having issues with will often resolve the situation in almost miraculous ways, making us wonder what we were so concerned about in the first place – helping us realise that most of the problem is simply how we look at the problem, when we approach the situation from the maze of complexes the mind throws up for us. With angelic help, this can be dissolved as we see the view from the superior level of the spiritual heart.

We can appeal to angels of patience, angels of love, angels of forgiveness for instance and find ourselves released from the traps we built for ourselves.

The guardian angel can also help us access the higher levels of angels. There are nine hierarchies in all, but we have all heard of the archangels, these leaders and organisers of angels who are even more powerful in love. Each of them has many divine qualities and responsibilities. Among them we can appeal to Archangel Michael for divine protection and guidance towards the light, for assistance in fulfilling our earthly life’s mission; Archangel Gabriel for help in transmitting the angelic message of love, fraternity and freedom and for guidance on our spiritual mission; Archangel Metatron for divine justice and for dynamising all the divine virtues within our inner universe; Archangel Raphael for healing, protection, love and revealing the secrets of divine regeneration; Archangel Uriel for wise insight and practical wisdom, for divine peace and for assisting us in our spiritual transformation, and so on. They all hold keys to the issues that will help us open our spiritual heart, and rest assured there are many more archangels you may never have heard of.

In Angels and Archangels Week, 25th October to 1st November 2020 a free event at Tara Yoga Centre, we will share experiences with angels, insights into communicating with them, lectures about different groups of angels, meditations with them, performances inspired by angels, special techniques and much more to open people’s hearts to the possibility of accepting this divine reality, to know these angelic keys to the heart, that we can find alive in most religions and traditions of the world.

This article was written by Ben Carver, a student and teacher at Tara for twenty years now, who has been involved in Angels and Archangels Week since its inception in London, also contributing as writer, actor, musician and singer.

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