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Elite Shungite C
£59.00 Each
Elite Shungite B
£49.00 Each
Puddingstone Wand B
£22.00 Each
Spectrolite Freeform
£120.00 Each
Labradorite Sphere
£20.00 Each
£28.00 Each
Owyhee Blue Opal
£290.00 Each
£360.00 Each
£380.00 Each
Lepidolite Slice
£46.00 Each
Pyrite Sphere
£124.00 Each
Raw Rhodonite
£68.00 Each
Rhodonite Freeform
£63.00 Each
Septarian Egg
£250.00 Each
Bismuth Skull
£90.00 Each
Rose Quartz Merkaba
£195.00 Each
Small Raw Citrine
£3.00 Each
£3.00 Each
Blue Apatite Sphere
£91.00 Each
Puddingstone Wand A
£22.00 Each
Elite Shungite A
£43.00 Each
Shungite Angel
£13.00 Each
Ametrine – Raw
£3.00 Each
Rose Quartz Flame
£114.00 Each
Rose Quartz Point
£77.00 Each
Hemimorphite Heart
£90.00 Each
Hemimorphite Point
£140.00 Each
Hemimorphite Pebble
£54.00 Each
Fluorite Point
£124.00 Each
Green Fluorite Slice
£49.00 Each
Shungite Sphere
£43.00 Each
Large Shungite Sphere
£175.00 Each
Pink Opal Sphere
£210.00 Each
Carnelian Palmstones
£15.00 Each
Dragon Jasper Hearts
£21.00 Each
Septarian Palmstones
£10.00 Each
Kambaba Jasper Bowl
£330.00 Each
Smoky Quartz Bowl
£348.00 Each
Small Quartz Bowl
£324.00 Each
Medium Quartz Bowl
£660.00 Each
Labradorite Bowl
£634.00 Each
Monthly Blog Package
£69.99 Each / month
Social Media Package
£49.00 Each / month
Rhodocrosite Pebble
£763.00 Each
Lapis Lazuli Pendant
£80.00 Each

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