Serenity Radio – Christmas Spectacular

Spend this Christmas Day with Serenity Radio!


This Christmas has the potential to be a difficult one for so many of us, but the team at Serenity Radio are determined to turn things around and make Christmas as fun, heart-warming and joyful as possible with our first ever Christmas Spectacular!


In true Serenity style, the team and presenters have collaborated remotely to record a sparkling line-up of shows designed to uplift, comfort and entertain all throughout Christmas Day.


The Serenity Radio Christmas Spectacular will ease in at 8pm on Christmas Eve with our special rendition of the classic poem, ‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ By Clement Clarke Moore.


At 9am on Christmas Day Serenity Radio Co founder, Craig Richardson will get the morning off to a vibrant start with Good Morning Christmas.


Immediately following at 10am, Amanda Forster-Searle and Pearl Cox will offer some advice and give tips to support anyone struggling mentally or emotionally with their Christmas Resilience Toolkit.


Next up, get a dose of Positivity Power with Anne Millne-Riley and Amanda Forster-Searle at 11:15am, learning all about the art of positive thinking and how to cultivate it.


At 12:30pm, you can join our Content Team members Amanda Forster-Searle, Pearl Cox and Shannon Connolly in A Very Social Christmas, discussing all things social media and how we can use it safely and smartly to stay connected and inspired.


At 2pm, you will be Rocking around the Christmas Table with Penny King, Daniel Paul Neale and Hilary Stanley. There’s no need to feel alone when you have these three bubbly personalities joining you for lunch chatting about their favourite Christmas table treats.


At 3:40pm, relax and let the food settle as you embark on a magical Christmas Meditation with Rob Grant and Daniel Paul Neale. Crystal Faunocopia – A Winter’s Tail is a merging of sound and nature, seeing through the eyes of the creatures of winter.


Moving towards the end of the day, around 5pm, catch up with Liz Brown for 24 Random Acts of Christmas where she will share her lessons from giving 24 gifts to strangers with no expectation of anything in return.


At 6pm, get the sherry out and get ready to sing your heart out as Craig Richardson shares his Top 10 favourite Christmas songs in A Not So Silent Christmas.


As we wind down the evening, Anne Millne-Riley will take over at 7:30pm for some Mindful Moments where she will help listeners with tips on mindfulness for positive thinking.


Lastly, if you’re still up and in the mood for some fun, check out the Amandan Christmas Special at 9pm.

A collaboration with Amanda Forster-Searle & Daniel Neale as we take you on a journey for the senses, and connect with memories of past Christmases, as well as inviting you to join us in connecting with your senses in the present, and guide you to experience Christmas more deeply.


We are so excited to share this Christmas with our special listeners for the first time and we hope that this line-up helps you feel surrounded by friends, no matter where you are in the world.


We wish you all a blessed, safe Christmas!

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