OMG! 7 days to go!

Countdown has begun for the final week of preparation and we are beyond excited. The vibe from our little tribe is high and everyone involved has put so much effort into bringing our listeners the very best of themselves.

Every detail and aspect of every show has been checked and double checked for good measure, but still those anxious nerves keep us up at night checking it all one more time, just so it’s perfect. That’s how much this means to us, you see Serenity Radio isn’t just about the amazing content that is so desperately needed in the world, it’s about our unbelievably talented presenters, the effort and contribution each of them has made to bring this dream to fruition.

Serenity Radio is at our heart centres and the core of this whole project is the community vibe we wanted to nurture, but with the output and reach of a commercial station. What started as an idea between friends has bloomed into something neither of us could have possibly foreseen. We believe that the world is now ready to switch focus from that of a money driven culture to one of appreciation for things that actually matter, like our own personal happiness and wellbeing. Serenity Radio is all about you, the listener! The shows have been created with the best of intentions to serve for the highest good for all those listening.

There’s never been a better time to raise the vibration and our country, no our planet needs this. Serenity is dedicated to sourcing the most varied choice of alternative options, complimentary therapies and holistic solutions out there. We want every one of our listeners to connect with us in our circle of healing and benefit from the amazing works being offered totally free of charge.

However, Serenity isn’t just about our listeners, we are also offering businesses the opportunity to get their message out there too with a range of advertising options from radio to online ads. This prime space is perfect for any business looking to reach our wonderfully niche market. Our costs are competitive and relevant to practitioners and small businesses without the need of a huge marketing budget. Take a look at The Serenity Business Hub for more details.

The launch is Saturday 13th June 2020 and we cannot wait to begin. We will be broadcasting in 44 countries worldwide and have a number of ways for you to tune in:

For Apple iPhone, Apple TV & Apple Watch – CLICK HERE

For Android Phone, Android Auto & Android TV – CLICK HERE

Amazon Alexa Skill “Alexa… Activate Serenity Radio London” – CLICK HERE

Finally, we are available on over 25 Radio Directories and of course can listen direct from our brand new website

So, join us on Saturday 13th June for the launch and everyday thereafter. Serenity Radio is 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year, because helping you maintain your wellbeing is our number one priority.

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