Networking with a difference

The Serenity Radio team are great supporters of Practitioners, Therapists and Support Services and recognise that the wellbeing & complimentary sector is still lacking in ways for these businesses to shine.

The Serenity Wellbeing Network is not just another networking event, it admission into our tribe, it’s an online, in your own home, grab a drink and join likeminded individuals to share knowledge and experience kind of event.

We believe in staying 100% true to you and your business needs and want to help you grow in any way we can.

Why should you join?

What a great place to meet a lot of like-minded people at one time. If you’re new to the industry, just starting out or have never attended these events, this is the perfect place to hone in on your company’s mission statement and really help you determine what you stand for. It’s a chance to build a strong web of connections giving you more chances to meet someone from your sector who understands your client base and you can build a genuine rapport. Everyone you met is an opportunity, to become a friend, to be a client or just to offer you advise and support.

Think of The Serenity Wellbeing Network as your community.

The format is very simple,

1. Welcome by Serenity Radio

Latest News & Updates

2. Community Welcome

Each attendee has up to 2 minutes to introduce themselves, their business and ask the community what they would like gain from the event (for example tips on social media, advice on how to grow their client base etc.)

3. Knowledge share

Open discussion; What is working for you? Share tips and advice

4. Serenity Focus

One attendee from each session is invited to be in the spotlight. This is not a sales pitch but it is an informative introduction to their business, with their top business tips and offers and a focus on educating the community

5. Questions & Answers Session; As everyone has questions

6. Casual Chat!

We will then wrap up with a general conversation, talking about anything and everything and you will be able to leave when you like – no time limit

At the end of the event the Serenity Team will share the delegate list with each attendee and strongly encourage everyone to SHARE, LIKE & FOLLOW social media pages to show each other support. This is also your opportunity to reach out and connect with any of the other attendees to exchange services, collaborate on projects or recommend potential clients etc.

The Serenity Wellbeing Network is your go to for business support, friendly chat, information and knowledge sharing and if business comes as a result then this will be the icing on the cake.

Our online events are available to anyone anywhere working in the wellbeing / complimentary sector and are planned for every two weeks. Tickets cost only £11 each.

Visit our events page for more details and bookings.

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