Meditation, Mental Healing and Me!


My personal journey!

Many years ago, I decided to embrace a world that truly scared me. A place filled with trepidation and anxiety, fuelled by horrible past experiences and guarded by an army of hurt that threatened to break me. This world was my mind!

I entered this space with caution, careful choosing which minefield of memories to walk down, selecting only the easy paths at first with several failed attempts at crossing the necessary bridges to get there. In fact, it took me a fairly long time to allow myself the space to really accept what I needed, I really needed healing. Life had taken its toll as a child and young woman and all the supressed angry, grief and heartbreak was deep rooted inside my psychical body, causing issues with my weight, skin and overall health. To be fair, I was an overweight mess; miserable didn’t begin to describe what I was feeling but to the outside world I was a successful, larger than life mother and wife, with a top cooperate career and nothing to be unhappy about. My smile became as set as the makeup I applied each day and soon I never left the confines of my bedroom without it.

I’ve heard it said that when you hit the bottom you can only go one way from there so up I climbed. My first port of call was my doctor, I explained my feelings and thoughts and was offered a bottle of pills to control them with. Something inside of me knew better, refusing this method of help I was placed on 6 month waiting list for talking therapy. But you see, I was a desperate woman, as now I had ventured down the rabbit hole and needed answers and waiting for them wasn’t good enough. So, scrapping together all of my weapons (mostly my laptop) I started researching, reading everything I could find that matched how I was feeling and what I could do about it.

As I was already a practising tarot card reader I knew all about meditation for connecting with my guides and to be honest I guess I thought that’s all I needed to know. However, this expanding wormhole was proving me wrong faster than I could absorb the information and soon I became overwhelmed by the possibility that I could indeed heal myself and all it would take to start this process was a visit to my inner self. Now this sounds much easier than it actually was for me to begin with as going inwards was not something that came naturally to me, my life was filled with giving myself to others and it felt somehow selfish to keep a bit back for me. I started with meditating more regularly but instead of focusing on receiving information to heal others I focused on my own healing. Taking baby steps towards the pain I began fighting my own invisible army, slowly taking control over my life once more.

I can’t say that meditation was the only thing that helped but it was the catalyst to leading a more heart centred and self-aware life. It opened up my eyes to a whole range of holistic options that could improve my wellbeing, I found myself again. I also found some wonderful women in the holistic community who soon became lifelong friends, each teaching me how to nurture the inner goddess I was discovering.

You see meditation in a way saved me and I believe that just 5 minutes of self-reflexion every day, could completely change the way you see yourself and others.

My meditation practice took off after that, varying from short 10 -15 minutes of mindful relaxation to 3 hour long deep meaningful healing sessions and now as an Accredited Practitioner and Teacher of Meditation I feel I am finally fulfilling my purpose. Don’t get me wrong, there is always something new to learn and more healing to be done but as I tell my clients, at least you’re in control of this now. Meditating unlocks the unconscious mind allowing you to access the parts of you that you keep hidden even from yourself.

So why not try it for yourself?

Find yourself a quiet place to sit or lie comfortably. There’s plenty of specialist cushions and chairs for this but to start with all you need is to be comfy.

Now close your eyes and simply breathe. Make no efforts to change or control the breath just breathe in and out naturally.

Focus your attention on each inhale and exhale and notice how your body reacts with each breath.

Spend 5 minutes doing this and nothing else. Feel your body and mind connect and ignore all thoughts of the day ahead or due to start. Just be!

There you go, you’ve just meditated. Simple isn’t it. I really hope you try it and start to see how it can truly help you in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

To learn more about the benefits of mediation, check out our next blog and why not tune in to one of our live meditations?!

Until we met again.

Blessings, Michelle

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