Lessons in Karma Part 1 – By Hilary Stanley

You know the expression; ‘What goes around, comes around’?

That’s karma and we all experience it.

When I met a new man, I went to a friend to have my Tarot cards read, as so many of us do. Was I in for another fall? Could this be someone to share my life with?

“Aaah”, she said, “It’s Karma. You seem to have a debt to repay each other from another life-time and were destined to meet, so that this can be repaid and settled now.”

Ok, I could accept that. I know that our souls often agree to be involved in each other’s lives for certain reasons and that occasionally that does not balance out in one lifetime. So, I came back home determined to find out what the karmic debt was.

There are several Lords of Karma, those Ascended Masters who have chosen to help us with this specific issue, so I sat quietly and asked Quan Yin to show me the connection we had made previously, that needed settling…

I felt I was walking down damp, cold castle tunnels. The stone walls were rough as my shoulder bumped against them at a sharp corner, but I could see light ahead, a faint flickering glow from a burning torch. I kept my focus on the light until round a final bend I was in an open chamber and the light much brighter, I could see three torches burning in their holders on the walls. The smell was not pleasant to say the least, but the atmosphere of complete calm was a surprise in this castle dungeon. I heard the sound of metal clanking against metal as if an iron gate were being shut, and I noticed in this chamber there were several such gates set into the stone walls. One of the cells drew me to look inside and I saw a young woman praying. Immediately I knew it was me and felt our energy unite in her body. I took a huge breath in and a long sigh out as I knew this entire life in a second. I listened to the shutting of another gate and heavy footsteps approaching. I prayed in the silence.

This was the time of the Spanish inquisition and my faith was in conflict to the orthodox Catholic Church. I felt Quan Yin with me on some level of consciousness, preparing me that the jailer I would see was the man I had currently met in this lifetime. I asked her if he was a good man then, and she told me that his heart and his outward actions due to his position were in conflict.

They key went into the lock and turned almost in slow motion. I heard the scrape on the stone floor of the heavy metal gate opening and looked up to see the face of my jailer. There was something familiar in his eyes but the flickering light behind him gave me only a momentary image. I understood what Kuan Yin had meant. For this overpowering man, the requirements of his duty were not reflected in his heart. My own heart seemed to skip a beat as I withdrew my energy back into the present.

I asked Quan Yin how it had ended, that certain matters between us were unfinished and she replied that I had been hung as a heretic and the last thing I had seen were my jailer’s eyes and the sorrow within them. It had been quite a dramatic glimpse into my past, but I could at least understand now why I had been attracted by his eyes when I first met him.

He was very protective of me during our short relationship this time, trying to understand my point of view, and allowing me the space to enjoy my spiritual freedom. For my part I was able to give him the reassurance that I understood him and accepted him for how he was and what he did. The Karma was settled and we were able to move on.

The karmic debts we build with others are not always from previous lifetimes though as we create situations throughout our present lives that are left unfinished. The times we say:

‘I wish I’d said this….or that’

‘If only we hadn’t parted on such bad terms’, and even:

‘I owe you a favour’, these are all little snippets of Karma that we have the chance to settle regularly. It is frequently referred to as ‘closure’ and that is when Karma is settled, balanced and complete.

I usually ask Quan Yin to bring about the opportunity to settle any of these outstanding little debts, and so often find that within a few weeks I bump into or hear from someone who I recognise a karmic debt with. Quan Yin is closely associated with the Violet Flame and so I work with that on any karmic issues, transmuting any negativity that blocks its settlement and releasing the issue to be closed in my Akashic Records.

With the Violet Flame and the help of the Lords of Karma, I have settled many bigger karmic issues and had ‘closure’ on several very painful experiences this lifetime, with the very important attributes of mercy and forgiveness.

About Hilary

Hilary has studied aspects of spiritual life since a child, travelling out of body on different journeys with many other beings in the Angelic Realms, with the Ascended Masters and to other worlds and dimensions. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, Shamballa Multidimensional Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Past-Lives Reader, Author and Spiritual Advisor. Don’t miss Hilary’s show Spiritual Compass every Wednesday at 6pm on Serenity Radio.

See her websites: www.spiritwise.info and www.thevioletflame.co.uk

Look out for Lessons in Karma Part 2 coming soon!








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