Crystal Faunacopia – A Winters ‘Tail’ By Daniel Neale.

During the winter months, everything begins to slow down, the nights draw in and the winter jumpers come out to keep us all warm.

In the Animal kingdom in the UK, we have 3 species that take it that one step further, yes they hibernate. They nestle down and don’t reappear until the new year has begun. 

These amazing little creatures are

Hedgehog, Hazel Dormouse and Pipistrelle Bat, and today I’m going to discuss these and the Crystal and Chakras I associate with them. 


Our first visitor of the Day is the lovely Hedgehog. 

We all know and love our Hedgehogs, if we are very lucky, we get to see them snuffling around our gardens. Hedgehog is a a small creature, he’s between 5 to 12 inches in length, weighing under the weight of a bag of sugar. 

Hedgehog’s upper body covered in sharp spines, which they use as protection against predators. On Hedgehogs underside is a soft fur, hedgehog has a thin snout and beady black eyes, which gives a cute appearance. 

Hedgehogs begin their hibernation process in around the months of October/November, they will stay in hibernation until around March/April the following year. 

Whilst in this period of Hibernation, the hedgehog is not actually asleep, they drop their body temperature to match their surroundings, this state is known as ‘Torpor’. 

Hedgehogs are not fussy creatures; they will enter Hibernation in any place they deem to be suitable. They have been known to reside in log piles, in a compost heap and leaves, or nice spot in your shed. 

The Crystal I feel resonates with Hedgehog is the gorgeous Amber, which is not a true crystal but a resin. We can use this gorgeous resin to bring in the energy of the woods, a gorgeous connection to trees. 

When we look at Amber with Hedgehog, we are looking at that feeling of protection, feeling safe, secure and relaxed. Amber brings in an energy of slow fluidity which calms the mind, a gentle energy that helps us begin a healing process. It also brings a warmth and a sense of a natural hug from nature. 

Amber connects us to our Sacral Chakra. This Chakra is all about, feeling safe and secure, and using that gut feeling, working from our place of intuition. Our Sacral Chakra helps us choose the right path to follow. 

Doesn’t all of this sound perfect for entering a state of Hibernation? 

Now it is time to move on to our second visitor of the day Hazel Dormouse. Hazel Dormouse is rarely seen, keeping out of site by dwelling in the nation’s trees. 

Another small creature the Hazel Dormouse is approximately 7 – 8cm in length and weighs in at under 30 grams. Hazel Dormouse has soft golden-brown fur, big black eyes and a long, feathery tail. 

Hazel Dormouse begins its Hibernation process around Autumn – like the Hedgehog they enter the state of ‘Torpor’. As the weather turns cooler, they will move down from the trees to ground level. Dormouse will normally create tightly woven nest around the size of a tennis ball. They will curl up in this ball with their tail wrapped around their face and body to keep warm – depending on conditions they could spend as much as seven months in this state. 

The Crystal I feel resonates with Hazel Dormouse is Pink Calcite. This gorgeous pink crystal is heart energy, giving love to others and caring. 

When we look at Pink Calcite with Hazel Dormouse, we are looking at comfort and support. That feeling of a nurturing cuddle, holding the space, allowing us to let go of anything unrequired, anything that no longer resonates with us. Like the Hazel Dormouse, using Pink Calcite we feel safe in our personal space, but we are aware of those around us. 

Pink Calcite connects us to the Higher Heart Chakra. This Chakra is all about relating, making connections to all. Not just people, but the elements, to nature, to spirit, to all that surrounds us. Our Higher Heart truly connects us to all. 

Perfect for us to think about and work with in these winter months, before we awaken in the spring fresh and renewed. 


Now it is time to move on to our third and final visitor of the day Pipistrelle Bat. Seen often flapping around the nation’s rooftops, this little creature is nothing to be feared. 

Pipistrelle Bat is the smallest of our creatures yet, at around only 3.5-4.5cm and weighing under 5 grams – so small they can fit inside a matchbox. Pipistrelle Bat is known for its dark, golden-brown fur, but has a slightly paler underside – with a distinctive dark mask around its face. Pipistrelle is know for its rapid, twisting, turning flight. 

Pipistrelle Bat begins to become less active around the month of October, but does not enter its full Hibernation process until December. Pipistrelle Bat’s like to move into buildings to begin Hibernation. They will take advantage of the warmth and shelter provided in our rooftops.

They will not reappear until our weather begins to improve in around March, when they will start emerging, but they don’t usually become fully active till around May.

The Crystal I feel resonates with Pipistrelle Bat is Sodalite. This deep blue stone helps us to really see, to open up our field of vision. When we look at Sodalite and Pipistrelle Bat we are looking at trusting our intuition. Being able to see things, without physically seeing them, like the bat using its echo-location. Using Sodalite as our guide it opens our minds eye, so that we are aware of more around us, so we can judge things carefully and know how to react.

 Sodalite connects us with our 3rd Eye Chakra. The 3rd Eye Chakra is all about awareness, about using our intuition as a guide, and knowing what is the right path for us to take. Knowing when is the right time to take those steps, and the best path to follow. 

These are all things we need to look at when the year comes to an end, and we look forward to a new year, let’s make it the best it can be, no matter what obstacles are put in our way. 

So as we begin the process of winding down in these winter months, and taking stock of everything this year has thrown at us, let’s not dwell on the past, or on the negative. Let’s look to the future, like these hibernating creatures and plan for the New Year ahead and making it the best it can be. 

By Daniel Neale (Serenity Radio Presenter)

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