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The Serenity Radio platform was created for the sole purpose of sharing our wellbeing experiences and knowledge with as many listeners as possible. In just 8 short months, we have succeeded in reaching thousands of wellbeing enthusiasts listening from 46 countries around the world. Click here to request our media pack for more details.

Statistics show that in the UK we listen to an inordinate amount of radio, even though we may not realise it. We wake up to it, drive to it, work to it, shower to it, and even go to sleep to it. It’s no surprise that radio has become an increasingly powerful marketing medium with more and more companies turning to radio advertising to reach their captive audiences. Radio advertising influences each of us whether we realise it or not. We have all bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously after hearing an advertisement on the radio.  

3 Key Benefits of Advertising with Serenity:

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Target Audience

It is an excellent low-cost, high-frequency, high-reach medium that is proven to drive people to take action. Our in-depth insight into the demographics of our radio station allows us to market to businesses that are in alignment with our objectives, ensuring our audience is always your company’s ideal potential customer.

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Increased Brand Awareness

Evidence suggests that tuning into your favourite station helps to boost your happiness and wellbeing and that radio adverts create an emotional response whereby listeners regard the ads as more relevant to them, which leads to increased brand awareness, leads and sales.

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Conscious Budgeting

Serenity strives to be a partner that is dependable, resourceful and most importantly, as committed to your objectives as you are. We have created a flexible, affordable and competitive advertising package that will suit any business size from sole traders to franchises.

"Business Booser" Membership Package

We provide two great options for membership, pay monthly or if paying annually then you can save even more.

Pay Monthly:- £30 per month (minimum of 3 months with 1 months’ notice)

Pay Annually:- £300 per year saving £60 when purchased in full

Membership Benefits Include: (benefits are valid for the duration of the membership period)

– 1x 15 second radio advert worth £139 (2 plays per day, evenly played throughout the day with a total of 14 plays per week. Includes script writing & 1x Voice Over)

Advert Remains the Property of Serenity Radio (Advert can be purchased for use by 3rd party under licence fee)

– Banner on Serenity Website worth £19.99 (banner size 300×100)- Featured Listing on Serenity’s Wellbeing Directory (£49.99)

Huge savings with a total package worth over £200 every month!!! 

Additional advertising options:

(Discounted prices are for members only. Member discounts apply after a minimum of 2 month’s membership has been completed)

– 1x LIVE Serenity Social Platform Interview (aired across all of Serenity’s Social Media Platforms with one of the Serenity Presenters) – Members £30 / Non-members £45

– 1x Hosted Blog (Get your business seen by writing a blog and sharing with us on our website for our audience. Includes links to your business) – Members £20 / Non-members £30

– 1x Monthly Newsletter Sponsor (Your sponsored banner includes links to your website and is featured at top of our newsletter which is sent to over 6000 subscribers) – Members £35 / Non-members £60

– 1x Product Feature (includes a bespoke blog, 300×250 banner on Serenity’s website with link to your business, and x1 tagged social media post) – Members £50 / Non-members £85

– 1x Show Sponsor (Radio or Podcast 15 second advert – Members £15 / Non-members £30 per episode or Members £130 / Non-members £200 for sponsorship of a 12-week episode series

– 1x Website Banner (Bespoke designed 300×250 banner on Serenity’s website for minimum of 1 month) – Members £30 / Non-members £50


– 1x Featured Directory Listing – Members FREE / Non-members £49.99 for 12 months listing on Serenity’s Wellbeing Directory

– 1x Radio Player Banner (PRIME location, bespoke designed 445×125 banner on Serenity’s website radio player for minimum of 1 month) – Members £80 / Non-members £130

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