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Are you offering a holistic service or product? Advertise now on the only radio station in London that is specifically targeting a holistic and wellbeing focused audience.

Over 36 million people each week are choosing the radio as their preferred entertainment medium. Many of them using radio as a trusted companion, lifting their spirits, keeping them company when driving or doing the chores.

Our loyal listeners are waiting to hear all about the wellbeing services and products you have to offer.

Why advertise with us

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Efficiently Targeted Advertising

Our station is the perfect place for you to reach the right audience at the right time and in the right place. Ensuring your ads reach suitable potential clients only, making us an efficient and affective option.

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Low Cost Big Impact

Evidence suggests that tuning into your favourite station helps to boost your happiness and wellbeing, so advertising with Serenity is a sure way to reach potential clients with relatively low output for maximum input.

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Short Lead Times

Time is a precious commodity making a quick turn around essential when it comes to promoting your brand. It's also the perfect solution for promoting last minute offers and events, at short notice.

How can Serenity help your brand?

Serenity Radio wants to help you successfully reach our unique audience and get your message to resonate with our listeners.

For example: Our On-Air ads offer you the frequency and intimacy that effective advertising demands. Being able to promote your brand repeatedly to build awareness, impacting the right people more often.

Check out our advertising options and download our media pack for more details!

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