7 Chakra-themed Gifts to balance & uplift this Christmas

This Christmas give the gift of healing with colourful chakra-themed items for every taste. When we balance the 7 chakras or energy centres of the body, we can help to regulate all its processes, from organ and immune function to emotional wellbeing.


Each of the 7 chakras positioned from the base of your spine to the crown of your head has its own vibrational frequency that can be correlated with a specific color and can relate to different crystals, sounds and even incenses.


Find these 7 chakra-themed gifts in the Pure Serenity Wellbeing Store:

Wooden Chakra Horn – £38,99

Ethically sourced and handmade in Bali, this bright and unique piece is sure to delight the music-maker in your life. Each horn features the seven chakra symbols and corresponding rainbow colours. Buy yours here.

15ml Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend Atomiser – £8,99

Each of these fragrance oil blends is made with pure essential oils and blended with a base oil to help stimulate and balance different chakras. The Throat Chakra Atomiser contains pure Rosemary essential oil blended with olive oil to balance the Throat Chakra, which is synonymous with peace and harmony.

See the full range here.


Chakra Ring With 14 Carat Gold Accent (Sterling Silver) – £70,59

Created by Peter Stone, this magnificent chakra ring is even more beautiful in reality. Made from solid sterling silver and is enhanced with 7 vibrantly-coloured zirconia crystals in each of the 7 chakra colours. 14 carat gold creates a lovely wave effect on the edges. There’s no doubt that finding this in your Christmas stocking would make you smile!

Buy yours today!


Chakra Symbol Square Rainbow Bunting – £9,99

Brighten up any room and add a sense of warmth and wellbeing with this square bunting features the seven colours and affirmations of the Chakra. A fabulous addition to a yoga studio or reiki treatment room to act as a reminder for us to stay balanced and present.

Buy one here.


Crystal Sphere Chakra Necklace – £9,99

This beautiful necklace features seven round semi-precious stone beads, each representing and relating to the seven Chakras. From amethyst to obsidian and lapis lazuli, each of these little gems will offer a unique healing vibration to help enhance your spiritual and physical wellbeing. Get one here.


7 Chakras Wall Plaque – £8,99

Designed by Pure Serenity, this lovely wooden wall plaque displays each of the Seven Chakras including their colour, symbol and meaning and has a twine loop to hang anywhere you desire for inspiration and beauty. Buy one here.


7 Chakras Silver & Gemstone Pendant – £81,02

Make someone light up with this truly thoughtful and beautiful piece of meaningful jewelry including vibrant stones of Amethyst, Sapphire (Synthetic), Blue Topaz, Emerald (Glass) Citrine, Ruby (Synthetic) and Garnet. Order yours now!


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